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About the Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon is one of the main tourist destinations in the northern part of Mexico and is locally known as Barrancas del Cobre. It is a spectacular setting of canyons sheltered within a National Park that stretches all the way from the north of Sinaloa State to a near point to the central part of Chihuahua State, although the seven main cliffs that make up the group are located within Chihuahua State.

By means of the Chihuahua-Pacific Train, commonly known as CHEPE, tourists may get into imposing settings; this shuttle transportation is the only way into this area due to its amazing bridges and tunnels that stand as a total engineering master piece. When taking off from Los Mochis (Sinaloa) to Chihuahua City, while seating comfortably, visitors will reach over two km of height appreciating majestic settings of cliffs, rocky crags, green forests, waterfalls, lagoons, creeks and picturesque communities.

The entertainment options at the Copper Canyon are endless, from relaxing and peaceful activities such as treks, cliff descent, ecotourism and camping, to true challenges for rafting and rappel professionals among several others. Among the most remarkable attractions and places where some of these activities are performed include: the Urique River with rafting category III and IV and El Gigante, one of the highest rocky crags in the country.

The best tourist services await you in this piece of heaven on earth, where the human being gets to encounter unexpected wonders of the planet proudly from Chihuahua State, Mexico.